Luxury travel in Argentina's Lake District

Food & Wine.

Discover and taste local food & regional cuisine

Regional Cuisine experiences
Discover and taste local food, indulge the regional cuisine of Patagonia & Argentina. May be you love to experience a cooking class with a renowned chef, try the Argentine Mate, savor a typical Asado Patagónico or cook a fresh trout.

Gourmet Picnics at exclusive locations
Experience gourmet travel experiences and custom made bespoke tours:

  • Delicious gourmet Picnics in privilege places
  • A romantic toast in a wild location
  • Exclusive and intimate candle light dinner
  • Wine by the Lake Adventures

Hand selected Argentine Wines & Restaurants

Argentina is recognized for award-winning wines, specially «Malbec», most of our trips includes wine tasting experiences and premium wines.

Discover the best Gourmet Restaurants of Bariloche and  Lake district of Patagonia.


Sophisticated Gourmet Picnic lunch by Frasson Travel Designer


Cordero al Asador, Estancias Argentinas.


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